Best time to catch it worldwide on Monday:

9pm in LA
9pm in London
9pm in Tokyo
4pm and Midnight in NYC
22h a Paris

JJ Kane has been in the music industry all of her adult life, from singer-songwriter, touring artist, and Sound engineer for the Asian Music Circuit, touring with George Harrison, Ravi Shanka, John McLoughlin, Kanye west, Talvin Singh, Manager to Simon Collins, ( Son of Phil Collins) Spencer Gibb ( Son of Robin Gibb Bee- Gees) 

“I became ill 10 yrs ago With a few Autoimmune conditions, MS, Lupus SLE, And a rare condition called Jessners lymphatic Infiltrate, so I decided that as I was bedbound, I would make a radio show, I had no expectations, I made it save my life, and music saved me.”

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