Texas-based artist/CEO JLC along with A.A.G. Records presents his new charting single “Illuminate One.” Through telling lyricism JLC addresses decisions artists face on a continual basis, some that can alter their lives for the better, but at what cost.

listeners will grip JLC”s honesty while he shares personal dilemmas as well. Should he change his name? Should he sell his soul for fame and fortune? Instantly, those thoughts are shot down as JLC reminds himself of the self-made lane he steers down. He refuses to be controlled by puppet strings or fall victim to intimidation. His realness and originality are what keep him thriving and reigning in music, and winning in life. JLC’s unbending emotions are heightened by striking melodies and hard bass. Stream “Illuminate One” and connect with JLC below.

Connect with JLC

IG @jlcaagrecords

Website www.allaroundaag.com

Email @[email protected]