Introducing Rich Enough Music, a groundbreaking Los Angeles-based label that draws inspiration from the 90s house culture while seamlessly blending it with the cutting-edge of the AI era to create avant-garde house music.


Following the release of the Afro House tune “VENICE CIRCLE” in December, Rich Enough Music swiftly followed up with their second Afro House installment, “AFRO DRUM CIRCLE” by H.OGIWARA in January 2024. March saw the consecutive release of “Sunset in Venice Beach,” setting the dance floors ablaze with its infectious rhythms. These tracks are now available for streaming on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.


Adding to the buzz is “TOKYO DISCO” by the newcomer artist TOKYO MUSIQUE, produced by LA’s top DJ, DJ OGGY. Capturing the vibe of Venice Beach frequented by LA’s celebrities, Rich Enough Music infuses its productions with an authentic groove that resonates with the energy of the scene.


Notable figures in the music industry have already shared their excitement:


“As I have known DJ Oggy for quite some time, it’s great to see his knowledge of the dance floor being used to craft his sound in records… LFG!!!” – Bootie Brown (The Pharcyde/Grammy Artists/Rapper/Producer)


“Ready to jump on the dance floor!” – Original Rude Boy (Artist, Rapper, MC, Actor, Business – Los Angeles, CA)


“Such a strong pulsating sound transcending genres, beautiful track!” – Torii Wolf (Artist, Actor – New York, Los Angeles)


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